Black & White Sulemani Hakik Stone Agate Pendant Fashion Gold Charm

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Black and white Sulemani Hakik Stone Agate Pendant Fashion Charm pendent

Benefits of Sulemani Hakik (Agate):-

  • Hakik mala/ rosary also provides the blessing of lord Mahadev (shiva) which provides a sense of strength and courage to an individual.
  • It helps in preventing black magic and the evil eye.
  • It acts as a good luck charm that blesses a wearer with good fortune and wipes out fears, sorrows.
  • It helps a wearer to increases attraction, willpower, and self-confidence.
  • This stone protects an individual from hidden enemies or evil energies.
  • Agate is Semi-precious Stone that has healing properties.
  • Black Suleiman Hakik Stone is a High-Grade Certified Agate Pendant.
  • Hakik Mala is the powerful, valuable healing protection stone Mala which is available in various colors.
  • Suleiman Hakik Stone removes malefic effects or adverse effects of a ruling Planet Saturn.

Hakik Mala/ Rosaries benefits:-

  • It helps to energize the inner soul of the body of an individual.
  • It wards off the evil energies or negative energies.
  • It Increases the concentration power of an individual and provides balances the chakras of the body.
  • It overcomes fears pain, sorrow, and loneliness.
  • Black agate is also used for Safety, Strength, empowerment, and Success.
  • It is a powerful healing agent that is beneficial for the wearer in terms of the healing properties of a stone.
  • White Agate Malas promote self-realization, self-confidence, and spirituality and also enhance an individual’s power.
  • Sulemani Hakeek wipes out negative energy, which causes depression, confusion, anxiety, and fear.
  • This stone improves your sleep cycle which results in sound sleep.
  • It blesses an individual with more focus and dedication to achieve his/ her goal and makes one ambitious.
  • Sulemani Hakik establishes a strong bond in the marriage and love relationship of an individual.
  • Hakik (Agate) Mala is available in many colors like blue, green, black, red, white, etc.
  • Sulemani Hakikclear clears the root chakras which brings mental stability to an individual.
  • It cures the bad curses and provides a wearer a path of happiness.

Benefits & Healing Effect:-

As it balances the root chakras which helps in creating a body equilibrium specifically beneficial for aged people Also, it eliminates the bad luck and blesses one with fortunate.


Stone                               –                                Sulemani Hakik black and white
Material                          –                                Brass and crystal
Metal                               –                                Silver Plated
Item Length                   –                                1.57 Inches

Safety instructions:-

  • Nickel and Lead-free.
  • Clean it with a dry and clean cloth.


Black and white Sulemani Hakik Stone Agate Pendant Fashion Charm pendent

  • This spiritual black and white Sulemani Hakik Stone pendant plated in Gold made up of pure brass and crystal provides a blessing of Lord Mahadev (Shiva) with strength and courage to a wearer.
  • This stone provides an Elegant and Beautiful look to one’s beauty.
  • It is a powerful healing stone that protects a wearer from black magic and the evil eye.

Material                               –                                Brass, crystal
Stone                                    –                                black and white sulemani
Plating                                 –                                Gold

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    religious design , classic form of indian art

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