Gold Plated Om Design Rudraksha cuff Kada, Bangle, Bracelet

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Gold Plated Om Design Rudraksha cuff bangle

Meaning of Rudraksha and symbol OM:-

  • According to Vedas, ‘OM’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Omkara which is known as ‘Pranava‘ in Sanskrit.
  • In Hindu Mythology om means soul or oneself or divine or truth.
  • OM possesses a seed mantra which helps to activates the crown chakra.
  • Rudraksha is derived from the words, “Rudra” which means the name of Lord Shiva & “Akash” which means “Tear”. It is also known as the teardrops of Lord Shiva.
  • Rudraksha blesses a devotee with good fortune and good luck and also with knowledge, power, and intellect.

Benefits of Rudraksha and Symbol OM:-

  • Proper functioning of the Digestive system
    Chanting of OM will helps to control digestion activities and regulates it proper functioning which helps to cure all digestive-related problems of an individual.
  • Proper functioning of the heart
    OM holds tremendous power, One who chants OM will get relieved by any problems and it blesses an individual with a calming effect on the heart. It helps in the proper functioning of the heart and proper circulation of blood flow.
  • Eliminates Fatigue
    Om Chanting will help in Increasing Oxygen Level in Blood and reduce fatigue.

Medical benefits:-

  • Rudraksha is the auspicious and powerful bead which possesses a spiritual and medicinal value i and helps the wearer to fight against disease, illness, sickness or evil energies.
  • Generate positive energy
    Rudraksha beads are very effective which wards off all negative energies and helps the wearer to relieve stress and brings positive energy. Rudraksha is a seed of consciousness.
  • Power of balance
    Rudraksha beads are very powerful and hold the power to balance mind with peace and emotions with great stability.
  • Helps in yoga and Meditation
    Rudraksha beads are very effective and help a Wearer in yoga and meditation which balances the chakras of the body and brings peace and calmness in the mind and also provides stability.

How to wear Rudraksha?

  • It can be worn on any auspicious day by any person.

Where to use it?

  • It can be used for worship, devotion or for Chanting Mantras.


Rudraksha Bracelet made up of Pure Brass(Panchdhatu) and with Rudraksha beads and symbol OM with zircons stubbed in it all around looks very Spiritual and beautiful. It is believed that one who possesses Rudraksha is blessed with knowledge, power, and intellect. Symbol om blesses a wearer with intellect, confidence, Knowledge, and power. Rudraksha Bracelet can be worn daily or on any occasion and in rituals.

Material: gold plated
color: gold
metal type: brass
Length is adjustable being open from one side, it’s very easy to wear and remove.

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