Navratan stone sri Yantra pendant
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Navratan stone sri Yantra pendant

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  • Golden polished pendant in the shape of a flower. It has navratnas in each petal, which is very connected to the navratan pendant. This piece of jewelry comes with Parure assurance of Quality and Durability. Each Crystal is 100% hand set by skilled craftsmen.
  • Stone – Ruby (maanikyam) for Surya (taraneh)(Sun), Pearl (muktaaphalam) for Chandra (Moon), Red Coral (vidrumam) for Mangala (maaheya) (Mars), Emerald (marathakam) for Budha (saumya) (Mercury), Yellow sapphire (pushparajam) for Bṛhaspati (devejya) (Jupiter), Diamond (vajram) for Shukra (asurachaarya) (Venus), Blue sapphire (niilam) for Shani (Saturn), Hessonite (gomeda) or Rahu (the ascending lunar node), Cat’s Eye (vaidooryam) for Ketu (the descending lunar node),
  • Metal -Brass, Stone- Navratan, Polish- Rhodium, Package Contain- Only Pendant
  • Packed In Palstic Box. Perfect for Gifting Purpose. Wear them with any of your dazzling outfit for the perfect stunning look. Made from premium quality material. This Earing assures to remain in their original beauty even after years of usage.
  • Product Care: Avoid spraying perfume or deodorant over jewellery. Avoid direct contact from water and other chemicals. It is important to store handmade jewellery carefully as each piece is unique.

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Navratan stone sri Yantra pendant

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