Oval Cat’s Eye Fashion Pendant Golden Brass Casting Stone

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Oval Cat’s Eye Fashion Pendant plated in Gold Color made up of Pure Brass framed by Synthetic stone gives it a Beautiful Look.

Benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone:-

  • Wearing a cat’s eye stone blesses one with an unblocking innumerable channel of earning quick money.
  • It blesses an individual in the field of trading share market and gambling as this stone enhances the chances of winning.
  • Cat’s eye stone or lehsuna acts as a shield that guards a person against ghosts and evil eyes.
  • Wearing a cat’s eye stone provides amazing health benefits.
  • cat’s eye stone will cure brain diseases and helps to overcome depression and gloom.
  • It ensures great vision and improves visibility and memory power.
  • It helps a wearer in resolving Disinterest in food or anorexia problems.
  • The Ketu Dasha is soothed by a cat’s eye stone.
  • The cat-eye gemstone is a valuable stone that guards against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Size                    –                    1 cm
Weight              –                    5 gram
Plating              –                    Gold
Material           –                    Brass


  • Gold plated oval Eye Fashion Pendant made up of Pure Brass framed by Synthetic stone gives it a beautiful Look.
  • Cats Eye Stone is different in appearance. Catseye Stone is a Gemstone that is beneficial for risk-takers and adventurers.
  • It helps a wearer to get back his/her wealth and health.
  • The cat-eye gemstone is an offbeat color gemstone s in comparison to other stones. It is associated with the planet Ketu which does not have any physical significance in the solar system.
  • Cat-eye stone has the status of the fastest-acting planet.

8 reviews for Oval Cat’s Eye Fashion Pendant Golden Brass Casting Stone

  1. kusum

    awesome look

  2. priyanka

    very attractive and Spiritual

  3. poorvi

    antique pendent

  4. anjali

    nice finishing

  5. Shankar

    very fine pendent and comfortable

  6. purvi

    cat eye pendent is very attractive and beautiful

  7. ayushi


  8. akriti

    excellent services

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