Oval Hessonite/Gomed Fashion Pendant Golden Brass Casting Synthetic Gems

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Advantages of Hessonite:-

  • Hessonite provides clarity in ideas, views which helps an individual to achieve his/ her goals.
  • Hessonite provides progress which helps in providing physical and financial stability.
  • It helps the wearer to cure health problems and skin-related diseases like allergies, infections of the eye body, etc.
  • It is a healing stone that removes diseases like cancer, clumsiness, fatigue, blood pressure.
  • A Hessonite helps in Yoga and Meditation.
  • Hessonite stone helps to build strong relationships that provide calmness and kindness.
  • It acts as a shield for providing protection against black magic.
  • Hessonite attracts a large crowd for any performance.
  • It provides benefits to various People which are in jobs, politics, government services, lawyers, and scientists.


  • It provides wealth, knowledge success, position, prestige, happiness, praise, fame, and health.
  • It provides protection against rivalries and enemies.
  • It helps to protect against evil spirits and negative energies.

Hessonite Healing:-

Hessonite is a healing stone that has multiple personality disorders, skin infections. It helps people who suffer from Black magic, evil spirits.

Hessonite Benefits:-

  • Hessonite releases stress, hypertension, fear, sorrow, and clarity of thoughts.
  • Hessonite removes malefic or adverse effects of Rahu.
  • Hessonite provides Relief who are suffering from fear of snakes, evil spirits, and Kal Sarp yoga.


Size – 1 cm
Weight – 30 grams
Plating – Gold
Material – Brass
Diamond – American / Zircon

Safety instructions:-

  • Nickel and Lead-free.
  • Anti-allergic and safe for all skin types.
  • Clean it with a dry and clean cloth.


  • Oval Hessonite/Gomed Fashion Pendant plated in Golden Color made up of Pure Brass framed in Synthetic gemstone gives it a beautiful and Elegant looksHessonite or Gomed is a honey-colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate which is an important stone in the Hindu Mythology.
  • It is a belief that this stone is ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’.
  • It protects the wearer from negative vibes & energies.
  • It gives a wearer and relieves him/her from depression, anxiety, and mental problems.

8 reviews for Oval Hessonite/Gomed Fashion Pendant Golden Brass Casting Synthetic Gems

  1. sheetal

    same as expected

  2. vicky


  3. ravi

    very beautiful and elegant

  4. rahul gupta

    is it real stone?

  5. Sainarendra

    it gives me a proper Spiritual and beautiful look

  6. puspa

    hessonite pendent is very unique and classy . zircon stubbed in it is making it more beautiful

  7. ram

    very impressed great quality

  8. shyam


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