Oval Original Pearl/ Moti Fashion Pendant Golden Color Brass Casting Charms

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Oval Original Pearl/ Moti Fashion pendent 

Benefits of Moti / Pearl:-

  • Pearlstone wards off the malefic effects of a planet to a wearer.
  • The moon which is known as a symbol of the ‘mother ‘  is very caring and affectionate, loving and friendly.
  • Moon is known as ‘the Ruling Planet of Emotions’ attracts Peace, calmness, and tranquility.
  • Pearlstone blesses a wearer with Positivity, strength, and courage.
  • Pearl gemstone is beneficial for wearers who are depressed, mentally disturbed, or stressed and provides emotional and mental stability.
  • Children, below the age of 12 years who are having health problems or sick should wear a pearl stone.
  • Pearl provides a wearer with self-confidence and gives a platform to an individual to express his/ her views freely.
  • Pearl provides a wearer with prosperity who is dealing with dairy products, tour, travel, and tourism industries.
  • Pearl helps to maintain the Water Balance or PH level in our body.
  • Pearl is known as the “Queen of the Sea”.
  • Pearl provides stability in an individual life.
  • Pearl provides peace and calm to the wearer.
  • Pearls available in white color provide wealth, integrity health, and wisdom.
  • a person whose moon is weak can wear moti.
  • Pearl or Moti with silver can be worn in various forms like a ring or pendant etc.

Positive effects of Pearl:-

  • Pearls provide emotional, physical, and mental stability in an individual.
  • Pearl cure many problems or disease-related problems.
  • Pearls wards of the adverse effects of the moon.
  • Pearls bless a wearer with self-confidence, courage and strength, and positive energy.
  • Pearls provide unity as it helps in maintaining a better relationship.
  • Pearls bless a wearer with a Good Fortune.
  • Pearls bring goodwill, name, fame, respect, prosperity, and wealth to an individual.
  • Pearls help in increasing the concentration power and brainpower of an individual.

Diseases that can be healed after wearing a Pearl?

  • The pearl stone is beneficial in curing water-related diseases like pneumonia and insomnia.
  • The pearl can cur or relieve health problems like throat trouble, eye trouble, dysentery.
  • The pearl stones enhance a women beauty as it has facial properties.


Material                                     –                                    Brass
Stones                                        –                                    synthetic stones
Plating                                       –                                    Gold
Occasion                                   –                                     Every day, Religious

Safety Instructions:-

  • ✓Lead and nickel free
  • ✓Keep away from sweat, water, or liquid Perfume
  • ✓Clean it with a dry and soft cloth


Oval Original Pearl/ Moti Fashion Pendant Golden Color Brass Casting Charms

5 reviews for Oval Original Pearl/ Moti Fashion Pendant Golden Color Brass Casting Charms

  1. mahesh

    moti is looking very beautiful with zircons in this pendent

  2. suresh

    nice design

  3. kavita bisnoi

    is it orginal?

  4. jakir


  5. Mohit Aadewal

    elegant style as shown in the description

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