Pearl Yellow Sapphire Coral Ruby Stone Pendant Gold Plated

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Pearl yellow sapphire coral ruby stone pendant gold plated

Pendant is a combination of 4 Semi-Precious gemstone i.e.

  • Pearl
  • Coral
  • Ruby
  • Yellow Sapphire

The Gemstone used in this Pendent is American Gemstone which possesses many Benefits and blesses an individual or wearer in a positive way.

Benefits of this Gemstone:-


  • Pearl is a symbol of mother and removes all the malefic effects on its wearer.
  • It blesses a wearer with its positivity and happiness in life.
  • Health Benefits:-
    pearl helps to fight against disease, illness, or sickness and blesses a wearer with good health and long life.
    It also provides protection to children.
    Enhance self-confidence:-
    Pearl gemstone provides courage and strength to a wearer which also helps to instills self-confidence or self-esteem in a wearer’s life.
    Makes Heart Healthy:-
    Pearl helps to maintain water balance in a body which increases blood circulation and makes the heart-healthy and strong.


  • Ruby stones are also known as “Manik” which holds great importance in Hindu Mythology.
  • Ruby provides purity, positivity, and passion to a wearer.
  • Ruby gemstone is ruled by Sun.
  • It blesses an individual or a wearer with life, confidence, energy, passion, and happiness.
  • Ruby helps to fight against disease, depression, sorrows, pain, or anger and blesses a wearer with stability in life.
  • It helps to provide financial stability and financial gains.
  • Health Benefits of Ruby:-
    Wearing a Ruby gemstone helps to fight against diseases or illness or problems related to blood circulation or bone and provides good health and long life.

Yellow Sapphire:-

  • Enhance courage, joy, and raises self-esteem.
  • It Helps in metabolism, body temperature, regeneration, and good health.
  • Yellow Sapphire helps to encourage security and self-confidence.
  • Brings strength and intelligence which promotes good manners and prosperity.
  • Strengthens the body which helps in regulating the heart and cure throat problems.
  • Helps children to overcome their fears, anxiety, and relieves peace and calm in the mind.

How to wear it?

There is no such rule to wear this pendant. It can be worn by any person on any day. These are American gemstone so it will not attract any negative effects on a wearer.


Pearl yellow sapphire coral ruby stone pendant gold plated

  • This pendant made of pure brass (Panchdhatu) and with 4 gemstones i.e. Coral, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, and Ruby, plated in gold looks very beautiful and Elegant.
  • The gemstone used in this Pendent is American gemstones which bless a wearer in a positive way with many benefits.
  • Pendant can be worn on any occasion or rituals or also on daily basis.

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    4 stone pendent is loking awesome

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