5 inches Pure Copper Sun Face for Hanging Home

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5 inches Pure Copper Sun Face for Hanging Home

  • Sun Face provides an individual with Fame & Reputation, if it is placed on the east wall of his/ her house or office of an individual Copper Sun helps in career and business opportunities.
  • It is known as the Sun wall because it is hanged up on the wall.

Features of the Golden Sun Faces:-

  • It is a Golden piece of art.
  • it is available in various Multiple Sizes and shapes.
  • It is Long-lasting as it is a solid piece of art.
  • It is robust in nature.
  • It can be used easily.
  • It is used for Decoration purposes.

Importance of Sun:-

  • The sun is important for all living beings on Planet Earth as it provides sunlight.
  • The sun is a powerful, valuable, and important star in our Orbit.
  • As everyone on Earth depends upon the sun because the sun is the only provider of energy in Planet Earth.
  • Sunlight helps to boost vitamin D in the individual body.
  • Lord Surya provides intelligence, confidence, knowledge, independence, fame, strength, success, and power.
  • The Sun builds a strong relationship bond with people.
  • It helps an individual to provide wisdom and skills which build strong relations with everyone which brings Glory and Fame in one’s life.
  • Beautiful Sun (Surya) Face is believed to be a Good Luck Charm for Success, victory, and Prosperity.
  • It provides an individual with Positive Energy for Vastu dosh.
  • According to Hindu Methodology, Sun is considered a god for people.
  • It is also beneficial for Businessmen, executives, professionals & consultants.


Size – 6 Inches
Material – Brass [Premium Quality]
Weight – 30 Gm
Origin  – Indian

Safety Instructions:-    ✓Clean it with a dry and soft cloth


  • Shri Yantra or Surya face wall Hanging item is a Good Luck charm that acts as a protective shield that protects from Vaastu dosh and Shanti dosh which regulates positive energy and brings positivity in-home or business.
  • It blesses a one with Good Fortune.
  • It is most beneficial to Businessmen, executives, professionals, politicians, actors & consultants.

Material – Copper, Brass
Size – 5 inches
gifted – To loved ones
Origin – Indian

5 reviews for 5 inches Pure Copper Sun Face for Hanging Home

  1. ajita

    very nice

  2. lovely

    sun face hanging item is very unique

  3. ridima sharma

    it is written in the description that it helps in vastu correrction so i hanged it at the entrance gate of my home and really it blesses us

  4. varun


  5. Saurabh Magre

    packing is nice

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