Shri Yantra Navratan Navgrah Gold Rhodium Plated Synthetic Gems Real Pearl Brass

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Shri yantra Navratna Navgrah Gold Plated Synthetic Gems real pearl 

Benefits of Navgrah:- 

  • Navgraha is a nine gemstone pendant which is a very auspicious and valuable stone in astrology.
  • Navgraha provides strength, power-knowledge, success, and prosperity.
  • Navgraha is beneficial and provides mental peace, fame, personality, wealth, and success in life.
  • Navgraha provides health, wealth, prosperity, and power in life.
  • Navgraha helps in relieving or cure diseases or problems with the nervous system.
  • Navgraha wards off the negative impacts of all planets and evil energy.
  • Navgraha is a handcrafted beautiful pendant that is fixed in the 9 stones.
  • Navgraha helps in revealing the inner truth of individual life and blesses an individual with a divine soul.

Shri yantra significance:-

  • Shri Yantra is Beneficial, Valuable, important, and Powerful Yantras.
  • Shri Yantra is a symbol of knowledge, Wisdom, and Power.
  • Shri Yantra blesses an individual with all good Fortune’s at the time of worship and fulfills all desires and enhance Happiness in one’s Life.
  • Shri Yantra provides Peace, Wisdom, Happiness, and Prosperity.



Shri yantra Navratna Navgrah Gold Rhodium Plated Synthetic Gems real pearl brass

8 reviews for Shri Yantra Navratan Navgrah Gold Rhodium Plated Synthetic Gems Real Pearl Brass

  1. aliya

    satisfied same as expected

  2. hemant

    it is orginal and working in very positive manner

  3. palvinder

    shriyantra locket is very religious and traditional with navratana all around looking amazing

  4. kriti

    sundar hain

  5. Amit Saini


  6. kashish

    shri yantra pendent is awseome as navratana are beautiful attached all around

  7. kavya

    very unique

  8. gautam

    great delivery services

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