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Significance of  Tiger Mala:-

  • Tiger Eye Mala is known as Spiritual and Religious Mala which is a blessing in an individual life.
  • Tiger Eye is a valuable and powerful stone which is called as ”Tiger Eye”.
  • Tiger eye with its brown color base is an eye of Tiger.
  • This stone Mala attracts Saturn and Jupiter Planet which protects an individual from black magic and evil spirits and brings joy and happiness in individual life.

Tiger Eye Mala Benefits:-

  • Tiger Eye Mala blesses an individual with Good fortune in adverse situations.
  • Tiger Eye Mala is known as a good luck charm that blesses an individual with logical and Positive thinking.
  • Tiger Eye Mala is a shield that protects an individual from negative energies.
  • Tiger Eye Mala helps in yoga or meditative state.
  • Tiger Eye Mala increases the concentration power of an individual and Provides peace and wisdom.
  • Tiger Eye Mala wards off the pain, sorrow, and, fears.
  • Tiger Eye Mala provides mental peace and clarity in thoughts and ideas to an individual.
  • Tiger Eye Mala helps in concentrates on personal energy.
  • Tiger Eye Mala helps to boosts creativity and provides passion and compassion.
  • Tiger Eye which is installed in a Rosary balances Chakra of an individual which provides calmness and peaceful mind.
  • Tigers Eye Rosary provides strength and courage.
  • Tiger Eye is very shiny in appearance and is known as the rosary of Good Luck stone.
  • Tiger Eye provides support to an individual in a difficult situation.


Brand – Aemorio
Beads – Round shaped
Number of Beads – 108
Bead Size(mm) – 6 mm
Origin – Indian
Length(inch) – 16
Occasion – Every day, Religious
Can be gifted to your loved ones

Safety Instructions:-

✓Lead and nickel free
✓Keep away from sweat, water, or liquid Perfume
✓Clean it with a dry and soft cloth



  • This beautiful tiger eye Mala is made up of natural and pure Genuine tiger eye gems stone.
  • This is real natural stone Mala without any color dyeing.
    Number of beads – 108
  • Tiger Eye Stone is a crystal with stripes/bands of yellow-golden color.
  • The stone is named Tiger Eye due to its resemblance to the eye of a Tiger. It is a powerful stone that helps its wearer to be fearless and helps reduce anxiety.

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    it is very helpful in boosting good health

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    good quality product

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