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Talk/Meet Acharya

You have read his blogs and predictions on AstroVidhi and also on various other websites in so many years. You already know his accuracy level, we do not have to say a thing about it. Be it Marital life, Career, Love life, Sports, Politics, he has given accurate predictions and remedies for thousands till date.

Price- Rs. 1499

Lucky Mobile Number

Numbers always radiate energies just like planets and other objects which are either compatible or non compatible with our own aura or numerological total . If it is not suiting our aura then definitely there will be too much of mental stress and difficulties in our lives.

Price- Rs. 1499

Kundli Vishleshan

Life prediction report is the most comprehensive report which covers almost all aspects of your life. The expertise of astrologers of astrovidhi ensures that you are well armed with the information of events going to happen in the coming time.

Price- Rs. 1499

Gemstone Suggestion

This report will cover each and every major aspect of your horoscope with respect to best suiting Gem stone or stones for you. Our expert astrologers will give you their insights on which stone will suit you best.

Price- Rs. 1499