Oval Emerald Fashion Pendant Golden Color Brass Casting Synthetic stone

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The word emerald is derived from a Sanskrit word known as ‘Marakata’ in Hindu Methodology

Symbolic Meaning of Emeralds:-

  • The emerald is the powerful and valuable stone whose ruling planet is Mercury which means ‘hope’.
  • Emeralds are a good luck charm for love, kindness which makes an individual honest and faithful.
  • The emerald is also produced rain and beneficial for the rain cycle.
  • Emeralds are symbols of love, passion, prosperity, and generosity and provide a fortune.
  • Emeralds help in controlling stress, tension, fear, and depression.

Professions That Benefit From Emeralds:-

  • Emeralds help to intellect, memory, and power.
  • Emeralds are beneficial for various people like officers, leaders, employees, etc.

Health and Others Benefit From Emeralds:-

  • Emerald helps an individual in the field of medical science.
  • Emerald cures depression, fear, and Insomnia and promotes the knowledge that provides Peaceful Dreams and sound sleep.
  • It gives a wearer a healthy married life. as it establishes a strong bond between people.
  • It provides financial emotional stability.
  • It increases concentration power which helps in concentration and dedication in work and studies.
  • The stone increases the power of spirituality and religion.
  • It provides calmness, harmony, peace, and provides an individual with a better harmonious, and prosperous life.
  • It helps in competition exams or men who are looking for a promotion.
  • The synthetic stone also helps to resolve  Legal disputes.
  • It blesses one with a fortune of power and wisdom.
  • Emerald can be gifted to love couples as it brings loyalty, faithfulness, and love.
  • It helps a wearer in relieving or curing health problems i.e, asthma, ulcer, etc.
  • It provides benefits to professionals in the field of science, real estate, medicine, teaching, etc.

Emeralds are available in various color and size Dimension:-

Size                                –                              1 cm
Weight                          –                              5 gram
Plating                          –                              Gold
Material                       –                              Brass

Safety instructions:-

  • Nickel and Lead-free.
  • Anti-allergic and safe for all skin types.
  • Clean it with a dry and clean clot.


  • Gold plated Oval shaped Emerald plated in gold framed by Synthetic stones made up of Pure Brass gives it an elegant and beautiful look.
  • Emerald is a green-colored, highly precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family. (as it is the most valuable and beautiful gemstones in Vedic astrology which blesses a wearer with success in businesses & jobs, creative or intellectual power, and knowledge).
  • Emerald blesses an individual with Success in Finance, Banking, and Trading Businesses.
  • Grants Recognition in Creative, Intellectual manner.
  • It is Ideal for  Mass media and Communication Roles.
  • It helps in improving body coordination, psychological health.
  • Emerald stones are one of the oldest stones since ancient times which has many strong powers and abilities.
  • It helps in improving one’s speech and memory; helps in relieving asthma, epilepsy, or amnesia; and cure cardiac problems and insomnia.
  • It helps these people which include banking, politics, architecture, finance, and writing.
  • Emeralds symbolize good health, wealth, love.

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