Shri Ganesh Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra

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Shri Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra Benefits:-

Goddess Laxmi is an idol and all the devoted worshiper’s saints have made this Yantra holy by careful prayers and offerings.
The Idol of kuber helps to save the undue expenses of your money.
Open the doors of your luck.
Gives you a name and fame.
Bring Success to your business.
Improves Wealth and Prosperity.
Goddess Lakshmi stands for divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperity.
Dominance and Power over your enemies.
Removing the ill effect of Vastu faults on your existing home, office.
Yantra for Good Luck, Success, Financial Problem, Wealth & Prosperity.
Yantras to overcome financial difficulties.
By just keeping Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra near, one can become prosperous.
Removes Negative effects on your planet.
Useful in removing negative effects, black magic powers.

Meru Ring Benefits:-

Helps To Remove Negative Energies.
Helps To Attain Peace And Harmony.
Helps To Get Blessings Of Prosperity & Good Luck.
Helps Attain Success & Victory.


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