Navratan Sri Yantra Round Pendant

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Navratana Sri Yantra Round Pendant

Importance of Navratana and Shriyantra:-
நவரதனா மற்றும் ஸ்ரீ இயந்திரத்தின் முக்கியத்துவம்:-

  • Navratana and Sri Yantra both hold great importance in Hindu Mythology.
  • Navratana wards off the negative forces or negative energies and blesses an individual with positivity and happiness.
  • It is believed that when the planetary position changes, the effects of the planet change which balances the negative energies of nine planets.
  • Shri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important, and powerful yantra.
  • Sri Yantra is also known as Sri Chakra appeases the Goddess Laxmi known as the Goddess of fortune which blesses an individual or a wearer with happiness, prosperity, wisdom.

Benefits of Navratana Shri yantra pendant:-
நவரத்னா ஸ்ரீ யந்திர பதக்கத்தின் நன்மைகள்:-

  • when planetary position changes of nine planets, its effects too changes which balance negative forces and remove all adverse effects of planets
  • Navratana removes all negative or evil energies of planets and blesses a wearer with the benefits of nine gemstone in form of happiness, wealth, and prosperity.
  • It acts as a protective guard that protects a wearer against all disease, illness, or evil eyes and brings positivity, happiness, prosperity, and good health.
  • Navratana helps to overcome fear, anxiety, and sorrow and sail through all different hardships or with a disease or ill health.
  • It enhances self-awareness, empowering him/her to explore an understanding and enhance the clarity of thoughts, ideas, and wisdom.
  • It appeases goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu who is known to be a powerful symbol of happiness, wisdom, and good health and nourishes a wearer with positive vibes, and fulfills all desires and dreams.
  • It is believed to be a special yantra that eliminates all difficulties and hardships from an individual life and provides emotional and mental stability which leads to growth opportunities.

How to wear a Navaratna Shri Yantra Pendant?
நவரத்னா ஸ்ரீ யந்திர பதக்கத்தை எவ்வாறு அணிய வேண்டும்?

  • There is no such rule to wear Navratana.
  • Shri Yantra ring, It can be worn by any person at any time.
    நவரத்னா அணிய அத்தகைய விதி இல்லை
    ஸ்ரீ யந்திர மோதிரம் .இதை எந்த நபரும் எந்த நேரத்தில் அணியலாம்.

Where to use Navratana Shriyantra Pendent?
நவரத்னா ஸ்ரீ யந்திர பதக்கத்தை எங்கே பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும?

Navratna Shriyantra Pendant can be used for worship, devotion, and meditation.
நவரத்னா ஸ்ரீ யந்திர பதக்கத்தை வழிபாடு, பக்தி மற்றும் தியானத்திற்கு பயன்படுத்தலாம்


  • Navratna Shriyantra Pendant in oval shape made up of Pure Brass (Panchdhatu) with 9 gemstones stabbed in this Pendent, plated in Gold is very auspicious and powerful which radiates the beauty of the wearer with Spiritual and beautiful look.
  • It blesses an individual or wearer with positivity, prosperity, luck, and wisdom.
  • Navratna Shriyantra Pendant also blesses a wearer with good fortune, luck and wealth.

8 reviews for Navratan Sri Yantra Round Pendant

  1. kumar prem

    amazing design of this Shriyantra Pendent and 9 stones are beautifully attached in this locket which looks great

  2. kamal

    delivery was very quick

  3. tipendra

    great finishing

  4. preetam

    very nice pendent

  5. ranchi

    i bought this pendent for my mother she really liked it

  6. suman yadav

    navratana as nine gemstone are very popular since Ancient times .i wore this pendent according to my zordiac sign .It is very helpful in providing good health ..thanks

  7. rahul

    is it real navratana?

  8. krishna

    quality is very good

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